As educators and specialists in the early years industry, you play an invaluable role to our children’s
futures. Health and nutrition play an integral part of every child’s life. Ensuring children have access
to nutritious and safely prepared meals will improve their overall health, behaviour and learning

As a Food Foundations subscriber, you not only benefit the children in your care, you can also benefit
your setting as a whole including your local community. Subscription costs $110 per year. Subscriber benefits include access to the ‘locked’ resources, a monthly e-newsletter, free quarterly zoom PD sessions and more.

Through the 2021 subscription year the Food Foundations program will focus on four themes. Each theme will include focused discussion, resources and information relating directly to legislative requirements and will discuss exceeding themes.  Resources will be available for subscribers to use.

For more information and how to subscribe, please visit NAQ Nutrition | Food Foundations LandingNAQ Nutrition (

To see NAQ’s early years resources (some are freely available) visit: NAQ Nutrition | Services | Food FoundationsNAQ Nutrition (

To contact the Food Foundations team please email

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