Queensland Healthy Kids Menu

The Health and Wellbeing Queensland Healthy Kids Menu initiative is a healthy eating initiative designed to improve the availability and promotion of healthier food and drink options for children in Queensland non-fast-food venues.

The aim is to empower Queensland cafes, restaurants, hotels, and clubs to push chicken nuggets and chips off the kid’s menu, and replace it with fresher, healthier and more wholesome options. to offer healthier menu options for children to make it easier for families to make healthier food and drink choices when eating out.

More information about the Queensland Healthy Kids initiative is available at: https://hw.qld.gov.au/healthy-kids-menu/

Resources how to become become a Healthy Kids Menu venue, including the Code of Practice and Guide for Business can be found here:https://hw.qld.gov.au/healthy-kids-menu/resources/ There is also a range of healthy recipes for kids, case studies and promotional materials.

A Healthy Kids Menu venue can be accessed here: https://hw.qld.gov.au/healthy-kids-menu/find-a-venue/

Health and Wellbeing Queensland has partnered with the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association through the sponsorship of the ‘Healthy Kids Menu Award’. The nomination form for the award can be accessed here: https://www.rca.asn.au/sites/default/files/uploaded-content/website-content/2021_qld_healthy_kids_menu_award_nomination_form.pdf

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