Queensland Healthy Kids Menu

Queensland Healthy Kids Menu

Queensland Healthy Kids Menu The Health and Wellbeing Queensland Healthy Kids Menu initiative is a healthy eating initiative designed to improve the availability and promotion of healthier food and drink options for children in Queensland non-fast-food venues. The aim...

Manufacturers use images & claims to trick busy parents into thinking their products are nutritious, while masking what’s really inside.

We’re calling for an end to confusing labelling on kids’ foods. Read more:

#ResponsiveFeedingPractices are critical for food insecure children at increased developmental risk. B Searle et al. highlights the need for professional development to understand #FeedingPractices that encourage positive mealtime environments.

#ECEC educators play a critical role in children’s development. B Searle et al. identified controlling feeding practices, such as eating pressure and restriction, are commonly used, particularly in socially disadvantaged areas.

#ChildcareSettings offer invaluable opportunity for food socialisation and positive nutrition in children. Understanding #FeedingPractices in these settings, and the impact of social context and type of food provision, is essential. Bonnie-Ria Searle

Presenting our virtual symposium at #ISBNPA2022 today with @ProfGolley @StewartTrost @CRE_EPOCH Rapid assessment tools to measure obesity-related behaviours in #earlychildhood

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